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Handy Hints

According to popular myth, aside from a tragic loss in the family, or an acrimonious divorce, moving house is the third most stressful thing a person will endure during their lifetime. We at Journeyman Movers can assure you that this is not true. If this was a fact we’d be emotional wrecks by now! So we’ve put together this list of seven handy moving hints to help ease the stress of moving house. If you follow our guide closely, it will ensure that the whole day goes smoothly. Journeyman Movers wants your moving experience with us to be an enjoyable one.

Be organised: Good organisation is the most important aspect of any house move. If you’re not ready when the movers arrive, you’re off to a bad start before it even begins. Make sure that everything is packed and stacked, ready to go. But don’t just throw it into any old box! The heavier the contents are, the smaller the box should be. And the lighter the bigger. Weird huh? Big boxes full of books are back-breakers, so try to avoid this it all costs!

Take it or leave it?: Moving house is probably the best opportunity you will get to cull the things you don’t need, or never use. Will your old furniture fit in the new house? Or even go through the front door? By selling or giving away items you no longer want, you will reduce the overall cubic meter volume to be loaded, transported then unloaded, thus saving you time and money. Plus the extra cash from their sale could even help to pay for the entire move!

Economy pack: Long before you are ready to move, start saving old newspapers and sturdy large boxes. These work just as well as regular packing materials and are free and environmentally friendly too. Try to avoid small shoebox sized options, because they don’t stack well on a trolley, or stow safely in a truck and can slow down the whole loading process. Also, whilst packing use towels, blankets and cushions to protect your fragile items, like lamps and vases. These work better than packing paper and cost you nothing.

D.I.Y options: Try to do as much as you can yourself. This includes moving all packed boxes, bags and lighter furniture downstairs, or into the garage. But be careful! If it’s too heavy or awkward, just leave it for when the boys arrive. D.I.Y includes emptying and defrosting the fridge, un-plumbing the washer, disconnecting appliances, dismantling beds and rolling up rugs etc. The more you D.I.Y the less the removalists will have to do. Remember, any time you spend in preparation will ultimately save you time and money.

Have a plan: You should have a clear floor plan in your head where all your belongings should go in the new house. By knowing where everything is going, this will ensure the unloading process goes a lot quicker and avoid the dreaded ‘double-handling’ which is a big taboo amongst removalists. Also, have you measured the new space for the old fridge? Older houses often do not accommodate newer, larger modern fridges, so beware! But if you have a clear plan in mind, all of these issues can easily be avoided.

What’s The Priority?: There’s nothing worse than when you can’t remember which box you packed the cat in! Just joking, we know you wouldn’t do that. But seriously, think about packing a PRIORITY BOX, clearly labelled, where you can put all of your important documents and essential items in. This box could include precious valuables, life saving medicines and most importantly, the TV remote. If there’s anything you might need right away, having a priority box will spare you a lot of worry and endless searching. Maybe even consider taking the priority box with you in your own car.

Final key tip: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE KEYS TO THE NEW PROPERTY. This is probably the biggest issue you will face when moving house. If possible, try to avoid moving on settlement day. But if you can’t, there is the danger that you wont get the keys in time, before the removalists arrive to start unloading. Most removals companies will continue to charge you by the hour, while they wait for the keys to turn up. They may not even be handed over until the following day! Sorry to end it on this sad note, but remember you have been warned!