Who we are

One of theBest Reviewed removals businesses on the Sunny Coast

Since our founding, Journeyman Movers’ stated aim is to become one of the best removalist companies on the Sunshine Coast and we’ve already gone a long way to achieving this.

All of our trucks are kitted out with the best moving equipment available, such as tool boxes, fridge trolleys, piano dollies, shoulder lifting harnesses, forearm straps and high quality furniture protection blankets.

All of our workers are properly trained in manual handling and are passionate about the removals trade and providing good customer service. Being a small family-run Sunshine Coast removals business, Journeyman Movers is at no disadvantage when competing with the larger removalist companies.

In fact, it’s an asset. It makes us more nimble and less cumbersome than our larger competitors, making us better able to adjust our logistics to cater to your particular needs. 

All of our services can be individually tailored to suit your requirements at short notice, whilst maintaining the highest standards of professionalism at an affordable price.

After we began our operations on the Sunshine Coast in 2016, Journeyman Movers has built up an enviable reputation within the removals industry.

We are now one of the best reviewed removals businesses on the Sunny Coast, with a strong presence on social media, where we have maintained a 5 star rating from our customers. We aim to uphold our strong reputation by providing the best removals service on the Sunshine Coast. So book your move with Journeyman Movers today and “let us help you on your journey”.

Meetthe founder and Owner-Operatorof Journeyman Movers

Hello, my name is Jason White, founder and Owner-Operator of Journeyman Movers.

When I launched this business in 2016, I envisioned a new type of removals business, where everyone benefited from the experience.

This means that both our workers and our clients gain something during the removals process.

This is achieved by providing our workers with the best moving equipment and training available, making their job safer and easier; and at the same time our customers benefit by receiving a highly professional removals service at an affordable price.

Although we are a small family-run removals business, we consider our staff to be part of the family too.

Journeyman Movers has big ambitions for the future and we invite you to join us. So, let us help you on your journey, while you join us on ours.