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This is What We Don't Charge You

* For removals services with a one way distance greater than 150km, a booking deposit may be requested, at the discretion of Management. All interstate house moves require a deposit, to cover fuel and wage costs. Local Sunshine Coast removals services are exempt from this charge.

How we gotOur name

A ‘journeyman’ as defined by the dictionary, is a highly skilled tradesman or artisan, who has successfully served their apprenticeship and are fully qualified to practice their chosen trade or craft. 

At Journeyman Movers, all of our staff are chosen for their brains as well as their brawn and are taught best-practice within the removals industry. Our aim is to deliver a professional, affordable removals service for the people of the Sunshine Coast, so “let us help you on your journey.”


Journeyman Movers offers an interstate removals service that covers the entire east coast of Australia, from Cairns in far north Queensland to Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and all areas in between.